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A bit of jazz in blog, however, falls tremendously short of being a musical

The pregnant woman.

Once upon a time, when Jay had a plan (refer the previous post). Aliens launched a "crack attack".. blisters sprouted on the skin.. dark clouds covered the sky.. television had "Oprah" all day... Britney won a Grammy.. Bush got a third term.


They started drinking too many too fast. shots after shots. Cranberry nectar packs were short. During the western choreo itself, peepu and G-spot made a mess of it. Peepu started rolling all over the floor. Dopey had more than a handful to hold. Rubby was trying to pacify everyone.
To cool everyone down, we came back to the canteen. sipping coffee and chit-chatting. Fashion parade was about to begun. Suddenly, the three men (Rubby, peepu and G-spot), expressed their desire to be taken to the room. Dopey took Peepu. Komal took G-spot and I took Rubby.

That was not a good idea.

Rubby puked all over. After that, I stayed in my room looking after Rubby. Meanwhile, Fashion Parade got over and Prestorika performed in my absence. Nextday, the remorse of missing out on the metal bands' bitch-slap-kick-ass music took over Rubby and he kept abusing me for not taking care of him. I kept wondering "wtf".

and yes The Caribbeans turned the tables and whipped the naked ass of Indians.

So, we decided not to drink and spoil our plans like this again (Still we had two days of concert to go). After delivering a baby, A pregnant woman always swears not to go through all that pain again.
attach hangover persists.. everyone is feeling wasted . After the boring day, a round of fone calls start among the friends. I pinch everyone with a message : "I am the unconquered one as everyone else couldn't handle the vodka fest".

Rubby takes the bait: "bitch, I started drinking when u were in the womb".

"What do u say dopey, feel like drinking b4 the show?" "I just woke up and my head still hurts plus I have an assignment submission tomorrow". " ..picture two months ahead and everyone else has nothing else left in life but to watch data from Reuters on the computer screen. None of the friends would be around"

Dopey : " Can u get me some dope"

( Alas! After an year she gets pregnant again)

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16 Ants in my pants:

"...so they drank thru time forever and a day; lost manly form and like mules did bray; till morning struck their temples sore; and bid them pilgrim to Bangalore; though when they arrived, they knew not what for..." hehehe...A lyrical look at the Labor of the Lager Larks...

At 2/03/2007 03:19:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

and people ask me y do i roll my eyes so much.

Welcome back trigger happy. U deserve a poetic justice.

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Cranberries with the pyromaniac

Today is the third day into "Chaos". Its already 5 pm. Western Choreo is gonna start in an hour. It would be followed by Fashion Parade and then the whole nite ROCK competition to be moderated and judged by Prestorika.

Meanwhile , down south in Chennai, Indian Batsmen are murdering the Caribbeans in cricket.

To keep up the pace with all the excitement we have made arrangements to spice up our mood. We just came back from the mall and we bought Cranberry Nectar (loads), Red Bull and Lays. The news has just filtered in that Vodka wouldn't be at premium.

Rubby, Myself, Komal, G-SPOT(yes, thats his name), Peepu and Dopey planned for everything yestrday itself after a dull Remo and Mynta performance. So, we are gonna assemble in Dopey's room and gonna pour all the Vodka inside and go to the Fashion parade. (muahahahah! we would be allowed in the premium section of the crowd because we are volunteering for some logistic work in the Fashion parade and the Fashion Parade Coordinator STD is our dorm mate twisted)

Dopey has god level limits of boozing and she maintains such composure. However, her boyfriend the pyromaniac peepu would do the balancing act by going wild. Hope we will be able to keep the match box and lighter away from his sight.
Anyways. its better that he goes wild, because I would need company for my post drinking no-holds-barred act of craziness.

(thankfully, I was able to push aside all the relatives, who asked for guest passes of the shows and wanted me to be with them during the show.. he he he I am evil). In the pic, u can see pyromaniac peepu at his decent best.

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1 Ants in my pants:



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tag Proppadom eerrodipus strophillicious Commentovilli and blogcrotic.
(please, know these terms before you read the following tutorial. It is important)

Recent Comments :

I used to have Farrago recent comments hack. Google it if you want that hack. But now as the blogger itself has provided help to add this feature, I guess there is no need to take the pain. Blogger provides simple code, which can be modified easily with some common blogger template tags.

What did i do?

I modified the code to include the whole comment body by adding the following tag:

Now, my recent comments appear perfectly in my sidebar. I could afford to add the whole comments body because my sidebar is a hover menu and hence, the comments body would appear only on hover. (Thus it doesn't clutter my sidebar even if there is a long comment .. tada biggrin). So, I can read the recent comments without trying to navigate away.

With Farrago hack, I was able to limit the no. of recent comments to appear which I am not able to do right now and it seems recent comments appear only for the posts on display on the home page. hmm........ Your friendly neighborhood is thinking.

I was thinking of calling myself the Jedi knight of blog technology. Later, I thought it is too much of a fancy idea to wear those gown and look weird..... "Yoda, please hear me not. Just joking, I am."

and about those terms on the top of the post.. nvm them.. thats something I have to do cause I donno how to start a post.

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22 Ants in my pants:

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This is last weeks' pursuit of much needed comic relief in various dimensions:

Hog the blog:
Bloggers have been writing their way to glory on some trite and boring subjects(or may be I was reading the saddest of them all).I was getting really despo to read stuffs that can titillate me. Then, I bumped into David Maiki's excellent work of creativity and imagination through a list of 12 most humoruos people on the net. David Maiki's combination of contemporary theme with archaic surroundings is worth having a look at, than reading gossips about Angelina or talking about immaterial-racial-mud-slinging-in-a-reality show (read Big Brother). Anyways, it gave me the pip to rejuvenate my own immature attempt at wearing the thong again through my greenhorns. Making a complete strip requires a lot of effort.. pheww!!(Dude!.. have u seen a GUY struggling in a thong or trying to manage a Saree.. IT indeed is an effort..nvm if u don't get what I said.)

Rumble in the thong:
Now this may not be funny for most of you but it is for me. Like an year ego me and a friend of mine had this bet that Hillary Clinton is gonna run for the HOT SEAT or not. I have been watching her moves with anticipation of a pregnant woman and here she gave in to the itch in her thong. Some of these women have extreme discomfort in their undergarments and u can easily find it out looking at their movements.

Domestic LOL:
People have been suggesting putting in some hot pics which can finally put the ratings of your blog high. (Afterall blogging has been reduced to popularity charts and number of clicks.) I was asked to join CLICKY (web statistics) and it handed me my 1st laughter of the week.

"this dude from US clicked my blog post pornucopia while he was looking for underage literotica in google"


So, I looked at more of masala stuff in surroundings to put in my blog and the closest I could come up was this pic :

This guy is my dorm mate and is an ex-Adobe employee. (I can reveal this coz his face has been destroyed to an unrecognizable extent... he he).Thats cake on his face.
No wonder why I run away and they can't find me in my birthdays.

Anyways, we have been doing 007 to find out to whom does the finger belong.rolleyes. Sucking up to whom.

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by JAY @ 9:22 PM |Show/Add (16) comments| Bookmark at Blinklist | Digg | Delicious | Simpy | Facebook | Stumble Upon | Google | Technorati | TwitThis

16 Ants in my pants:

So did you win the bet or not? I think you did but I amnot 100% sure...

Hmmm, yes you do yave a good point with the blogging being charts and number these days

At 1/24/2007 03:36:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

yeah ... I did... y rn't u sure...uh.


Nice theme. The SNAP preview had me confused since I've only ever seen it on WP. :)

At 1/24/2007 11:40:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

You shd see more of the owrld beyond Wordpres... Blogspot gives you so much freedommmm. :).

I have theme ..!!!!


Jay... despite your bad english... I actually really enjoy your blog! I'm so glad that you stumbled across mine! Keep on reading mine... cos I'll be reading YOU.

And perhaps... in a week or two, if you are worthy... I'll link you in my links section (oo la la!)

At 1/24/2007 06:20:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

Oh, Thanx.

Where r ur shoes ma'm .. when can I polish them.

Do show this mortal ..how to improve his english.


so what did you win?

I need to know these things ;)

At 1/25/2007 06:54:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

Lizze u r too demanding.

I won The cake and an underwear. :(


what colour of the underwear? What flavour was the cake?

Do you want Hillary to win??

need to know these things ;)

At 1/26/2007 05:11:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

It was blue. deep blue.

Cake was choco..

Hillary.. I dont care.. she will have to clear the mess created by Bush and then she can go on to find out a male intern.

Hillary's daughter has been my pen friend.

She calls me Jay.

Jay is actually a nice name.

Names are varied and very insignificant.

Insignificant things have a place in my blog.

This blog is visited by Lizze.

And Lizze is a sadist.

She wd prolly need to know more :((.


what do you mean ....

nah I'll give it a rest

for now

but I will be back

At 1/26/2007 01:15:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...


At 4/15/2013 08:57:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Its that time of the year again and time to go wild. Last year, I had a gala time,this year CHAOS (our rock and cultural fest) is gonna be bigger better. This is what the organizing team posted on our online NB:-

Through the Pro Nites, Andaz e Chaos aims to cherish the sparks of indiiduality in the field of Music. From international fusion to Pakistans greatest band, from the most successful indian rock musician to the qawwali maestros, we have celebrated the bold initiatives of some of the unique pioneers who made it big... and in the process, bring you the most comprehensive range of music that any cultural meet in the country has ever witnessed. Andaz e Chaos has something for every Andaz!!!

25th January

Nizami Brothers
Qawwali Their family has been singing qawwali for the last 700 years! Still continuing the legacy, the present generation has not stepped back in enthralling the connoisseurs with their craft. Acclaimed for their proficiency in the music form, Hailing from the Sikandra gharana the famous Nizami bandhu, Gulam Farid Nizami and his younger brother Chand Nizami, need little introduction.

Mrigya-Hindustani Fusion
Enter the global sound world of Mrigya, a unique fusion band from Delhi which presents a rich blend of Indian Classical music, blues, funk and latino. Mrigya stretches the boundaries of music with a sound that unites the world as one family, a philosophy which is demonstrated in the term "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam". Mrigya became the first Indian band to get a 4 star
rating with the Scotsman at the 2001 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is an experience not to be missed!

26th January
Headlining Act : The power of tabla

Chaos' First Internation Band
Sweden and India find a common place in music through the ears and imagination of the group Mynta. Founded in 1979, the group has created their own genre of music, while preserving the integrity and traditions of their root sounds.
Mynta began as a regular Swedish jazz band. Its music has evolved over time, and through the years has added international dimensions. Stalwarts such as singer Shankar Mahadevan and santoor player Nand Kishore Muley have collaborated with the band. Since 1987, Fazal Qureshi, son of the legendary tabla maestro Allah Rakha and Zakir Hussains younger brother, has been one of its major forces. Mynta has a repertoire of compositions with sounds from North Africa, India and Sweden to name a few. With western instruments like the clarinet, the saxophone, the keyboards, guitars - acoustic and electric - and drums from various countries, it is quintessential fusion. visit the website for more information abt the band www.mynta.net .

Remo Fernandes

India's leading and highest-selling rock musician and being the only one in the
country to be awarded Gold Discs in this category, having song after song go Platinum and Double platinum. Has won many awards and accolades at international song festivals.Known for high-voltage excitement and total audience involvement, this man has done it all....hitch-hiked around Europe and North Africa for two-and-a-half years, singing and passing a hat around in underground stations and pedestrian streets, composing songs and writing poems, sketching and absorbing invaluable multicultural influences. He sure is a man who has done things differently - record an album in the bedroom, write and illustrate a book of poems, design postcards and t-shirts, and drive around on a yellow scooter distributing all three...."Zara Hat Ke"!!! For more information log onto http://www.remofernandes.com/

27th January2300 hrs onwards : All Night Rock Competition at RJMCEIHeadlining act and Judging byPrestorika
'Prestorika' came into being during the summr of 2001. the past years have seen
them reach the pinnacle, playing primarily heavy metal/progressive music they constantly tour the country providing their audiences with a mind-boggling set of high energy music. calling all you metal heads out there for a performance of your lifetime. visit their website for further details www.prestorika.comVarious semi professional bands from Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi competing in the event. 28th January Gaurav DagaonkarHeadlining ActGaurav Dagaonkar is our very own alumnus who graduated from IIM Ahmedabad in 2006 and is coming out with his first album 'Om Namah Shiva' soon. From amidst the race for corporate honchos emerged this individual with a passion for music, and ended up paving his own path to his dream. It doesn't get more 'hat ke' than that !! and we celebrate him before the country would.

Silk Route

The music of Silk Route, is very much their own genre, even as they are
constantly reinventing their sound and adding to its repertoire.‘Silk Route’, which came into being in the summer of 1997 and caught the attention of the country’s music scene by bagging a host of Channel V awards for their first album Boondein, the track that still plays in our heads. Get ready for the uniquly fresh music that still never fails to amaze!!


At present, dubbed as the 'Best Music Group' in Pakistan, this 3 man band has
goven a whole new meaning to the word 'Rock 'n Roll'. The band were one of the first bands in Pakistan to insist on playing live music where most music was sampled and programmed synth pop. Heavily influenced by rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Junoon aims at combining loud guitar riffs with the tranquility of sufi poetry. Junoon has been the first and most successful Pakistani group in history, having toured extensively around the planet, including the renowned European rock festival, Roskilde, where Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, Travis, Queensrÿche, and over 200 other world famous artists performed. For more information please visit their official website http://www.junoon.com/
[

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by JAY @ 12:01 PM |Show/Add (2) comments| Bookmark at Blinklist | Digg | Delicious | Simpy | Facebook | Stumble Upon | Google | Technorati | TwitThis

2 Ants in my pants:

Wow, Jay, sound is interesting, whole week u will have concerts (if I understand well). When u will study? :))Will u go to the all concerts?

At 1/22/2007 01:55:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

Oye Anny welcome back to my blog.. I dont need to go anywhere the concert is within my college. And Study??? .... U want me to study .. study and die . :|


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My Inspector Cluso

pencil .Its been an year since, he had smelled the aroma of the red walls. He had returned to the college as a guest lecturer. Soon, the students realized the master of the ring hasn't lost touch as he flashed his smile and said to his audience

"Hi, Pink panther returns."

he pounces like the quintessential beast and sets the stringent rules and says he is adding one exam and an assignment to the curriculum. Looks at the response of the students laughs at them and reinforces while he is here we need to walk on the tight rope.A student tries toenter the class late he looks at him and then looks at the class. ***sigh**.

Then, he says what r u waiting for come one join the class. I understand you Its hard to wake up after 4 pegs during the nite in some1's arm.

"Anyways, since you all love me for the assignments i throw upon ya ; I no more feel comfortable and hence I reduce the work by removing one of the presentations scheduled later in the course."

Sensing the smile amongst his audience he says: "You Know. The good cop bad cop works. You guys indeed should watch the pink panther returns."

Since, removing the presentation allows you all the time to manoeuvre a bit, next week I expect everyone to submit a book review on microfinance.

He again flashes his smile: "good cop bad cop".
Later, Mr. Sriram who has returned to take our Microfinance classes; went on to discuss the Nobel peace prize winners Grameen Bank and how Daniel Pearl was pushed to oblivion.

Yes, the same Daniel Pearl.... Angelina Jolie is making a movie on. The same Daniel Pearl, who was shot to martyrdom by the terrorists in front of media glare somewhere in Pakistan. Nonetheless, a few years back he had put a front page post on Washington Post, about how not everything is right with Grameen. Since, then Grameen Bank has changed a lot and this year they won the Nobel for making a difference in the livelihood of the poor in Bangladesh. Though nowhere they recognize the findings of Daniel Pearl.

Labels: ,

by JAY @ 7:57 AM |Show/Add (5) comments| Bookmark at Blinklist | Digg | Delicious | Simpy | Facebook | Stumble Upon | Google | Technorati | TwitThis

5 Ants in my pants:

while reading the early paragraphs i got happy to see that u will be in pain :P .. but whatever there's gonna be a lot of pressure on you ... yuppy .. ohh btw ur professor is really witty .. u never said whether the late comer replied back or not :( ..

so jay are u all done with the assignments hee hee !!

and did u finish the work that i gave u hmm hmm

At 1/20/2007 10:52:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

Yeah I call the proff the Wizard of wit. He is the one I faced in an Interview. Anyways more work has followed, I will write about it later.. I haven't called him yet after no one picked that time.. I need his no. again. Anyways, you r getting too desperate.


oh well i need to know the reason for all the ignorance ... that's why the desperation ...

good u are busy hehe .. stay busy :P

At 1/21/2007 09:45:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

Point is not to find out y is his ignorance.. the point is Ignore the Ignorance and deny the desperation.

I had relatively.. Chill weekend and I only took part in contests and play.So .. bad for ya..woot!.

At 10/13/2010 12:48:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think, that you are not right. I can prove it.


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The Goo, The Ba, and the Lee

Rating: *** (PG)
Soundtrack: Jay (Blatantly lifted from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)

Play the mood:(the version which included my voice couldnt be uploaded on time sad, will do it later)

Epilogue: Its been only 3 days, I had arrived in this infamous land in relation to my work. Straighway, I was assigned a job in a remote town. I was about to leave the small roads of the city to join the highway. I could see millions trying to do so.. and my bad! all the other lanes except mine were under repairs. The lane was generous as it accommodated all of us, and then suddenly we saw right in front of us a guy on his horseback riding like a cowboy .. coming straight at us. (The other side of the road was logged coz of traffic the guy just switched over to wrong side). It was just the beginning as the land let me experience the WHOLE WILD WEST thereafter. It is also known as Bihar. This is just one of the stories narrated to me by a friend.

pencil Story: Jay had just withdrawn some money from the ATM and was rushing towards his home on his Yamaha RX 100. It was a posh locale, abuzz with crowd in the heart of the city. He took a right into the colony where he lived. Soon he could hear some words chasing him from the behind.

"He is the one. Bastard!!.. Lets beat the shit out of him. He is the one"
"No. No. I don't think this is the guy."
"No. I am telling ya. This mo fo is the one.. what are we waiting for"

Jay decides to check it out as to what was going on. He brings his road rider RX100 to a halt and looks back. Two men were approaching him. Suddenly they increased their pace and with a flash they surrounded him. One of them said: "take out cash. FAST"
As i move a bit I wake up to the gun pinching me near my kidney."

He pressed the gunpoint again to enforce the dictum. Jay takes out his wallet to get some cash. They snatch the wallet, move away, ride their bikes and only a trail of dust is left. People started surrounding a shell shocked Jay.

After 1 hr, Jay is home. A cousin of his is discussing the matter with him. Jay doesn't want to register a complaint. Cousin pressurizes him to do so. Then Jay informs that he did visit the police station but they refused to register it. Cousin immediately calls the Police Commissioner, who is a relative.
Commissioner takes a note and gets back to them after 15 min.: "get your complaint registered in the Police station".

At 10 pm, the inspector of the police station calls and asks" Sir. can u please come and register the F.I.R."
Jay refused rudely coz it was too late in the night. The inspector hangs up and calls in the morning again to continue with his request. This time jay decides to go and register the F.I.R.

Later in the day, the inspector calls again and says:"Sir. U can come to the Police station, we recovered your belongings".
Happy yet surprised, at the efficiency; Jay goes back to the police station where they hand over the wallet to him. All the documents were in place. The wallet looked as if was thrown in a garbage bin.He checks eagerly (there were some important documents and a hefty check in the wallet). All of them were in place. But, there was about Rs 5000 cash missing from the wallet. As he raised his face to inquire with the police inspector. The inspector interrupted: "You know, I had to chase the bastards and get your belongings. You should be happy u got atleast your wallet back." he followed it with a wide grin.

I decided not to argue any further and returned home. Later in the evening The commissioner called to ask if everything went fine. Jay informed him of the wallet and the missing Cash.
Commissioner responded with a tone laden with anger:"wtf. The cash was there in the wallet, when last reported to me." "Jay. wait.. I will get back to you later".

After one hour the inspector calls Jay again:"Sir, we have nabbed some of the goons and have got the cash from them. Can you please come and identify the offenders".

I mulled over the idea and decided to let it go.

Soon the commissioner called and asked whether he got his money back or not.
Jay replied:"Uncle let it go. Those 5000 bucks aren't much. If I identify the goons today, tomorrow they will nail me down and I can't go back to you every time. I am the one who has to live his life amongst these bastards."

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Smileys in Blogger

Though, I keep fiddling with the blogger template I, like the miser with a spoon, have rarely talked in detail as to what and how I do it. Recently, I saw some fellow bloggers nonnie and luna throwin a lot of tutorials, I thought lets do it for once.

So, when a friend of mine asked me how I included smileys in blogger .. I decided to put it here.

This is where I get my smileys from. A simple "click" for whenever I want. biggrin

Initially wanted to include all the yahoo smileys here, but then I thought they were a bit big for my liking. I used greasemonkey scripts to include them here. For the techies who want to know more go for the attachment below.

attach Greasemonkey is a firefox extension which allows you to change the way your webinterface functions by modifying through Javascripts. So, first of all you need firefoc with greasemonkey. Then I found the some Java scripts for blogger in Userscripts. I installed one script for blogger smileys through it. But, I didn't like them so i wanted to have my own smileys. For this, I opened an account with userscript.Then, Uploaded the script for smileys/emoticons to my account and modified the script.

To modify the script, I opened the script in an editor (in my case notepad) and then included a few lines for the smileys I wanted to add. like here :-

Its simple. One only needs to include the image url's for their smileys/emoticons. Then save it and upload in your host (in my case
Userscript). Then install the script to your browser through greasemonkey.

Thus you are done. linux_penguin

There are other ways to do it like included a whole lot of codes into ur template for urself but I think using greasemonkey for JS is a simpler way.

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Now this is something that I don't know and I'm going to play around with it later.


wah... i love this tutorial~~~~!!! XD

At 1/12/2007 05:30:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

I am sure u gals gonna do a betta job :) than me.


hey - am setting up my RSS reader and are about to add you to my daily folder ... and you have an rss buttom too!! :) *yay jay*

At 1/14/2007 02:44:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

Finally ...:)

Nice Lizze, will check it out.


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I had intuitively vowed to myself not to type down anything unless I have something substantial to put in the blog. However, I can't find time or the energy to do a nice job (which requires a lot of effort on my part unlike others for whom things flow so naturally and they keep blogging cry.)

So, finally I have decided to leave just a footstep of insignificance. Lets open the cards one by one:

.Honed my dancing skills to "smooth criminal" again. I love the kid in the video.
.Have fed myself with a lot of grunge and metal. Been rediscovering the Seattle Bands. oh! and my usual dose of some Scandinavian stuff (Royksopp again). The lovely part about such bands is they bank on a promotion which comes by word of mouth and not big banners.
.I have failed an interview (don't stare at me).
.Passport office been making me run all over.
.Had too many classes (I wish didn't attend) and the profs are so good, that I end up attending their sessions rather than sleeping in my room even if I am tired.

.I am playing a commodity trading game for the second time. Yesterday, I made money on some crude oil futures. However, I think my team is lagging. Today evening the window opens again and I hope the Gold futures will fetch me some brownie points and good money. Phatlee, my other team mate has just informed me that he won't be able to accompany me during the trading session as he has some gay presentation to attend.

attach Lastly, I leave you with this anecdote that a friend of mine shared during our usual 2 am CT (cafe tanstafal) get together:

Prof. Ravi Chandran had taken a bunch of 30 students on strat. Safari (an annual event where you get to visit the SEA nations and understand their sudden resurge and economic boom and a subsequent bust).

"CEO ,Johnson and Johnson, Malaysia has just delivered lecture and is involved in discussions with the students.
Amidst this serious discussion on economy, our usual CP* GOD has her itch and stands up to ask : "Sir, what are the best places to shop in Malaysia".

The frame shifts to the CEO. He smiles and stares blankly at prof Ravi Chandran.

Ravi Chandran tries some damage control measure (if wit is the greatest savior of all).

"Yeah, I know at times she asks difficult Questions"

*CP= Class participation, tendency of a student to speak in class to fetch some marks.

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At 1/10/2007 11:07:00 PM, Anonymous khushboo said...

Yeah...!!! i m the first one to post a comment on this post.


lolz...kudos, khushboo...give urself a break, JJ...ur posts may not seem 'professional' enough (by what standards did u guage that, anyway?), but u are patently prolific, bro! U're an inspiration :-)

At 1/11/2007 02:39:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

Hey, Thanks Khushboo.. thats nice of ya. wassup with u?

Trigger.. normally, I take whatever u have to say with a pinch of salt.. However..(let the "mental he he he" follow)... Thanks


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The Monkey Balls

"What your monkey balls, Jay .. u have been doing?"

"Nothing much .. been bouncing and bouncing and bouncing"

I was supposed to slog hard for the work which is due this fortnight. However, I downloaded a lot of music. Checked out "Royksopp", a Scandinavian band. They are very good and just my taste thumb like other Scandinavians. The vids are also impressive. I tricked the network block with the help of Tor and downloaded a few songs before my e-mule, limewire and torrent were tied to impotency.

Another excellent stuff, I came across was Frank Miller's"300". Hopefully, its the movie of 2007 in the making and the theatrical release would do justice to a very graphic and gruesome novel from which it is being adapted to screen. You can check out the promos. That's a completely "yo"movie with the background score by "nine inch nails". (umm.. I wanna feel u from the inside.!!!)

This is madness....
This is "SPARTA!!!!!"

and the frame freezes into ur mind as the spartan king Leonidas throws the kick of his life.

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At 1/06/2007 12:13:00 PM, Anonymous Cat said...

Royksopp are very good, I've listened to them for years. I love their first album, the second one isn't as good.

At 1/06/2007 12:40:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

Yup they have got two albums.. haven't got hold of the second one yet... Yeah CAT but their one is good enough for let them qualify for my good books :P

At 1/06/2007 01:15:00 PM, Anonymous Cat said...

Just listen to their second one and you'll see. But myaybe my expectations were just a little too high after the amazing first one. :D

At 1/06/2007 01:33:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

you betta NOT be wrong...... :|


and u dare to say u TRICKED!!

shHHh... ill lower my voice..
*run away fastly*

At 1/07/2007 12:29:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

****raises eyebrows.. folds his sleeves .. and chases Luna***.

:P u r complete sweetness.

well I did say "I tricked" :|..

CAT - I have checked most of the songs from Royksopp now. See,how an outsiders view is different. In fact, i wanted to check out Royksopp after listening to Triumphant on a radio, which is from the 2nd album and not so popular. "what else is there" is not bad eithr... But I agree if u have been thrown the iconic and excellent "poor Leno" "Remind me" "sparks".. U would start expecting something else.


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Fight Club

This is one of the long lost pics of 1st year that I just found in the LAN. This used to be our regular "Fight Club" Sessions when we; the young nerds' frustrated of the Academic pressure in the first year would grapple for physical supremacy in the "top floor". We used to have "one on one"(Hard core WWE) and "pile-ups"(the pic below).

That's Rubby getting pinned down by the mighty three Peepu, Geela and Frustu.

Did u see that Ass mrgreen.

I loov this pic (Please, don tell rubby that you saw this pic has been published on the net. Dude! no one wants the proof of the fact that he was raped literally biggrin.)

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8 Ants in my pants:

Oh, no harm done, 'Bhookey'. The real tragedy would've been if everyone had their pants down. Brokeback Mountain, anyone?

At 1/03/2007 09:14:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

he he he true trigger.


friends when study time, it will be the best memories cz after work u wont have it anymore.

At 1/04/2007 11:38:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

Oh yeah Luna so true.. I know that ... that's y I had quit my last job and came back to college to study. :).. and now this college is getting over again :(


just glad that you all are wearing clothes ;)

At 1/05/2007 09:51:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

***peeps into ur imagination ;)***

At 1/18/2007 04:56:00 AM, Blogger Abby said...

i like readin ur stuff! pretty funny

At 1/18/2007 03:47:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

Thanx Abby. Nice to to know someone reads .. and hell!!1 likes it too :|


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Recent Posts

The new address for my blog is http://thejaywalk.blogspot.com/ and its called "The Jaywalk".
The obvious difference is that now it has a much simpler name and URL. The peeping pseudo-intellectualism with the complicated name, has been put to rest.

Yeah! I also have a new template -- which I intend to keep fiddling with. over next two months or  show. I have exported all my previous posts to the new blog. Relief !! ***If I were an effervescent teenager now - I would have said "that is kickass cool!"***

Those, who wanna know the simple steps to shift the blog can look in here >>
"How does she change her dad"

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At 1/27/2010 09:11:00 PM, Blogger RAIN said...

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At 2/14/2010 01:38:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

wtf man!


朝著既定的目標走,就不會迷失。 ..................................................

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genre: semi fiction

ratings: thumbthumbthumb

disclaimer: This is hardcore and meant to seduce a gamer; for others - about a decade back two nerds gave the world something called "google".

The tension between them was palpable. Silence, prevailed for a while, before he lowered his defenses, tamed his voice, tried to stretch his lips and murmured on the phone,"Sorry yaar ! Ab bola na sorry. I had a presentation to complete last night and that's why I couldn't talk. You know recession, we just can't afford to avoid work!". He looked at The Cross hanging on the wall, constricted his eyebrows, and fluttered his lips silently as if he was trying to say ,"last lie" - and then, he winked. Ever since he has played the Age of Mythology, he thinks appeasement of God is as easy as a click on the mouse. Yesterday's aggressive Atilla the Hun - was a more submissive one today, in front of The Queen. He had always used his sweet innocent voice like those piercing arrows of a brit longbowman or chinese chunokus to pierce the fortified walls of hers.

It was not just a silence from the other end of the phone but a genuine cultural tension between M of a male kind and F of a female kind.

F on the other hand knew it was a Trojan Horse (.. not in that exact term though, yeah! she called it "fake").

"So, did you lose or win?"

"Lost.. no!... I mean in what?"

"Age Of Empire... again.. what else!!" and angrily, she tightly clutched the pen lying in front of her. She disconnected the phone and hugged the pillow instead. She always wanted her Knight in the shining armour but not literally rolleyes.

"darn.. what a turn off!" he looked at the phone in surprise, "Wasn't the Paladin from the imperial age happened to be as charming as one gets!!"

Understanding Mills and Boons philosophy had always presented a great dichotomy in our population. The M of a male kind always thought dark of the "the tall, dark and handsome guy" refers to the color and hence, an Indian male fits the bill (**coughs**).

He rushed back to the mates waiting in the hall, with their eyes glued to the computer screen. An year after college, they were hanging out over a 3 day weekend at M's place.

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Dude! you know.. women in the right side of 30 (your spouse or girlfriend) or on the wrong side of 30 (your elder sister or mother) - have never understood why a guy would ignore others for a video game or for that matter a cricket match."

He picked up his beer can and said, "Warriors!! next game - Continental against the Spanish in hardest and fast mode"

Everyone joined the rhetoric and said, "yay!!"

tagPost script from the friendly neighborhood:

Age of the Empire is a popular real time strategy (RTS) game published by Microsoft involving various civilizations and historical events. Well... it's bloody addictive.

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At 9/08/2009 11:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate A.O.E

At 9/11/2009 07:27:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

I know you so totally do :(


jaybert my man!

i miss u guys.. n our AOE nights!!


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Jaybert is from Elbonia. Elbonia is a little known fourth world town in the communist Bengal. Elbonia has been famous only because long back a large cache of arms was dropped in its mainland to fight the mindless rule of Communists. However, all the hopes of a great renaissance died when the mighty people of Elbonia decided to use the rocket launchers to tie their cows.

Jaybert has been working in a city in the heart of the communists, disguised as a supply chain expert. Secretly, he works with the brotherhood to overturn the communists one day.

Just about two years ago, Jaybert had joined as a fresh and young graduate in an organization, and worked hard to expand the Supply Chain Operations. He expanded the operations for entire 2 years. He accumulated some net +ve accolades (summation of all the brickbats and accolades). Today, Jaybert has just executed a plan to reduce the warehouse area and make all the processes lean.
Pointy haired Boss - What next?
Jaybert - Do I go beyond and open more warehouses?

Pointy haired Boss - Please, feel free to do so as long as you don't ask for cash.
Jaybert - No Cash!!... ummm.. do I get a permission to go and try to win one of those reality TV competitions. This will get us cash, keep me busy for a few months and no one has to know.

Pointy haired Boss - What are the odds?
Jaybert - Let's say, If I compete as a transvestite with a big rack, in a show called Dancing Queen, I can at least reach the semis without a fight. The other option is to enroll into Big Boss, where the probablity to win the event is high even if someone lacks talent.
Pointy haired Boss - That's TV jazz and is risky too. I would need money to fix you to win the competition.
Jaybert - What do I do then? I don't have work. Are you gonna fire me?

Pointy haired Boss - Not really. I already got Catbert to fire your other colleagues. Who do I boss around? Besides you are too cute to let go.
Someone poking the "pitchspoon" twisted into Jaybert's sordid posterior, by now, goes unnoticed.
Jaybert - hmm.. What should I do?
Pointy haired Boss - There is one guy eligible to ask questions here and that's not you. Besides I pay you to think.
Jaybert - I can do one thing. There were two warehouses I built last year. I can destroy them now. It will take about 6 months and then, we can rebuild it ,which will take another 6 months. So, we get busy for the entire year.

Pointy haired Boss - great! I like it.
While you do it, keep some reasons ready for justification of your actions.
(Apologies to hard core ADAM SCOTT fans, for the shortcomings in the above piece especially the lingo)

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At 4/05/2009 05:32:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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Check out this >> Lotsa Lota!

SMS Icon KK and send it to 56882 and vote for Kaushalendra

You do feel proud to be associated with such a person. So many of his batchmates like me, got lured by corporates - He decided against it. He has started "Samriddhi" - which delivers vegetables to the customers in association with vendors and farmers. He has involved every stakeholder in the entire value chain. Foremost he decided to go back to his roots - in Bihar - and pull it off.

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by JAY @ 6:14 PM |Show/Hide (2) comments| Bookmark at Blinklist | Digg | Delicious | Simpy | Stumble Upon

2 Ants in my pants:

NMTV Personalities of the year are NMMC SCC Sandeep Naik and commissioner Vijay Nahata

He is young, he is suave, he is tech-savvy and he defies the belief that politicians are a gang of good-for-nothings. Exposed to the world of politics at a young age, the younger son of Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik comes from that breed of educated, young politicians that the nation craves for today. His dynamicity as a leader came to the forefront only after he took over as the Standing Committee Chairman of NMMC.

Read more…


At 12/12/2012 11:46:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

[url=http://ivlkrwnnz.com]MTBdXMzZIlyV[/url] , ZXWXsozDSoO , http://hhmgziigpu.com


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I was fresh out of college armed with a MBA, and was lodged in a plush Mumbai Hotel for the induction into a conglomerate. I had a room partner - Aditya, he was a Kannadiga (IIT + IT sector + overseas stint + MBA). He typified a generation of Super Techies, bred under the carpet revolution which has swept the nation in the past decade. The IT sector in India has been growing immensely, fuelled by outsourcing and some smart leaders like Narayanmurthy and Azim Premji. For many a IITian/NITian/BITian, it was obvious to board the bus.
These super techies were well educated and smart, but the job on offer was comparatively mundane. The money on the other hand was easy, there was lure of overseas stint, and a better quality of corporate life that the new IT companies offered.However, two things happened in this unholy alliance -

1. Soon, with an experience of 2 - 3 yrs they were bored and looking to get the MBAs by cracking things like CAT/GMAT etc.

2. The bored super techie, with ample time/money on hand and an easy tech access - got interested in Online indulgence into the Equity Market and its cousins . No wonder emergence of the online brokerage/penetration of internet/booming economy and the bored Super Techie in an IT company forged an alliance.

Aditya, fell prey to the "obvious second one", stated above; whereas,I was still as non serious as I was two years back (prior to my MBA days). Aditya, in the dinner table would randomly throw a few questions to me like - "given a chance which sector you would bet on?". Then, what would follow was typical MBA global gyan on sectoral growth. Real estate,Retail and Infrastructure would form the core of our discussions. One interesting thing he had revealed to me during such discussions was - his penchant to back companies with strong leaders and an easy way out is - the companies driven by IITians. Thus, he would discuss with me - IndiaBulls, its rise and future growth plans. I was impressed indeed. He would also explain his game plan - The Markets are on the rise and its gonna surge like this for probably next two years - Here is the chance to maximize our gains and then it will be a super neo Hindu growth story.

Its been one year and things have changed since then. I am looking to call him soon and let him know a few of the things that is happening now:

pencil. An erstwhile busy Investment Banker is finding time to comment on my Tagboard. Wackiness of his comments are not at all proportional to "the squeeze" in the market.( Who is etika eek).

pencil. A famous movie from 80s starring Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas, is going to the editor's table and now the opening trailer would read "Once upon a time in NY, there was a wall street.."

pencil. Top 10 Email Spams: A forwarded email by a colleague of mine is finding a place into the top 10 email Spams. This was an email on the walk-ins for Lehman Employee's by another Investment Bank in India.

pencil. Corporate Bankers: With work, less likely to come by,the city bankers have installed NFS (need for speed) on their comps. No corporate client is likely to walk by, to borrow money at such high interest rates.

pencil. Jaywalking Jay is back to blogging - He has time to sit and fiddle around with his comp. The sudden space has been provided by the decision to cull new retail projects and go slow on spending.

pencil. Super techie Thorny is looking for start-ups. New projects are drying up for the IT biggies. Banking is a big customer.

pencil. My consistent cousin who talks once a year to me had called to say "Hi". During the conversation, he drops in the news of layoffs to be announced by the Steel sector in coming months and how he is wondering what to do. Surely, one option is to pass on the CV to me.

These fretting facts, though from different parts of the world they are, point towards one inevitable truth - The slowdown is here - before than we expected and more monstrous than we have ever seen.

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My Cellphone was incessant. The whole world breaks lose to disturb my beauty sleep, which anyways has long alured me since I moved outta college.

"Hello" A very impatient worried voice replied "Sir, there are people around with flags. Shouting and there is chaos. They want the warehouse shut"

There was no manager available and people down the rung didn't know how to face the adversity.

"Shut it and ask all of the workers to move out. We will start work in the evening"
Sukumar Pal, the Loss Prevention Officer who happened to be the localite, dealt with the crowd and coolly handled the situation. He got the shutters pulled down and sealed. Except for the security everyone was goarded off from the site.

After that, what followed, was an ugly day of phone calls all of which were answered with the explanations on future coarse of action on how deliveries to the stores can't be made today. It's been the second consecutive day of Bandh/strike called by Political parties. It had crippled productivity and to beat the blues, I was getting some work done by shutting the warehouse from outside while inside workers were going bout their work as usual. In the Repacking centre, all women workers had also turned up and production was up to meet the surge in demand and sales in the stores. Only, some localites got a faint idea what was going on inside and soon a crowd gathered there and demanded immediate closure.

Its been an year since I walked out of college and since then its been a roller coaster (..shouldn't I name this article The Rollercoaster Diaries). This wasn't a unique morning, but just a part of series of challenges thrown in past one year while living in THE COMMUNIST BASTION in India - Kolkata.

Only this time, the strike (Bandh) has been called to protest the Price hike in petrochem. The reasons for bandhs don't matter anymore. Every month we are plagued by 2 to three days of strike in this part of the country. The Party ruling the state and the opposition are equally vehement about protests and thats the way they do it - "Jay, the more ya sleep the more ya reap."

You may lose time but your deliverable in modern corporate ain't lowered. At times it frustrates and at times it makes you smile. There is a shining Indian story and there is this part still living with communist ideologies...

... and then there is Jay who can talk about the economics of price hike and inflation..

lol BullShit. "Chalbe Na" Shut the F@#$ up and sleep.

[In this era of celeb blogs - I donno how many are gonna read it. But hey! do gimme credit for a hungry man, who could not pile up his ration before the bandh took effect and all shops were shut, has written it :) ]

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6 Ants in my pants:

Oh, good to see you back again Jay Bhaiya! This is Ish..deado..you remember? I was wondering where you are..so it's Kolkata now. Situation doesn't seem very good but anyway, how is everything else going? It's great to see you again.

I also wanted to ask another thing, are you still a part of the iBored blog we had? If so, can you please send me another invite to that on this ID with which I'm posting a comment?

At 6/17/2008 12:49:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

Hey, deado..
yeah been an ardous journey.. Wassup with ya ... live an kicking with a loads of blogging?
.. iBored .. yeah it shows in my dash board .. but i donno if i can invite anyone.. will check it some time.


I'm fine, still blogging yeah. Now looking to attend college. What's been up with you?

And don't worry about iBored. We figured it out ourselves.

At 8/03/2008 10:13:00 PM, Anonymous ruffles:p said...

yipppeee found ur blog at last!!!

At 8/06/2008 09:26:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

heyz Ruffles .. ur a sweetheart. Loadz of love.

At 8/10/2008 03:41:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey super-child-prodigy-books-knowledge-know it all-logical explantaion jayyyyy


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We had driven hardly for about 15 min., yet it seemed an endlessly painful rock ride. Heavy vehicles would come from the front, flash their lights and we would have a complete blackout. Sitting on the pillion I would wonder how Mannu was able to guide our way into the darkness. Soon, Mannu interrupted my thoughts.

"Can u see anything".
"Me too'.

I smiled. "Then slow down the bike".


His left feet flicked on the gear peddle and the bike slowed down.

"Arre its too slowwww.." Couldn't complete it. Damn bump dram hump pump. I only had an idea something was going wrong. The front wheel wasn't on the road anymore. Seemed we were sliding down a pit. Suddenly, the body mass of existence flew in air. The laptop that was till now sitting pretty on my back, was suddenly over my head pulling me along.

My palm touched the ground 1st and the cell fone slammed on the flat hard road. (Sehwag's mom had advised to keep the cellphone mutthi mein - not my fault) I wasn't resisting any of these nature's call. I just let it go and with a sommersault I was 6 fts away from the bike. The Laptop was still hanging around though.

Pat - Jay gets up. Pat - he would assess this not the sets of MI2. Pat - Jay thinks he had a friend called Mannu with him.

My wandering eyes fixed on to mannu who was getting up. I started enquiring if everything is alright. He said "Yes, seems so. Look at my face it seems I am hurt around the forehead"

I looked at him, I could see his skull. His forehead had hit a stone and it had split the forehead open with a big cut. I said "nah, its cool. Lets try to get the bike on the road and move on."

Some bystanders helped me to get the bike back on track. I asked them If I could get a medic help somewhere and moved along. They guided us to a nearby engineering College. I enquired Mannu if you wanna go the college hospital and he refused. He was stiched in a small clinic near the college.
They all asked if we were students of the college. I said "oh umm we were, three years back. Now, Mannu teaches there and I have come to meet professors afer a long time".

The whole episode was no less exciting than experiencing . The only regret remained - "the flashlights and cameras around to capture the "somersault" or pretty chicks watching me do the act :(.

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49 Ants in my pants:

Yeah big shame that there was no cameras around .... would have been to see that ;)

Glad you + friend are ok


look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site

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Recently, I found this wonderful conversation between two of the most wittiest personalities around. May be this exaggerated appreciation is there, because I am fond of Boman Irani and his acting skills.
Cyrus: That’s also how you met Shiamak Davar
Boman: Shiamak is a wonderful, wonderful guy. He had come to my studio. I was taking pictures of him, trying to entertain him with my jokes to put him at ease because he kept saying he was ugly. He came back the next day and said, R 16;You know Boman, you should be on stage.’ He asked me to audition for a small part in Alyque Padamsee’s play “Roshni”… Alyque initially had rejected my audition. Shiamak insisted that he would not choreograph the show if I was not in it and I did the show, I did one song in it.
Cyrus: No offence to Alyque, the play was…
Boman: Go ahead and offend Alyque. It’s okay.
Cyrus: Yes, the play was really bad. And the only good part about the play was the pimp… you.
Boman: Parsi mothers are always very proud of their children. After the show, my mother asked around, ‘Did you like my son?’ They didn’t know who her son was. So she said, ‘The pimp is my son.’ Someone ask ed her if she wanted a lift, and she said, ‘My son will drop me.’ ‘Who will drop you,’ they asked from the other end of the lobby and she went, ‘My son… the… the pimp will drop me. Don’t bother.’
Cyrus: (laughs)
Boman: You’re making fun of my mom by laughing. But yes, growing up in a Parsi family, I’m used to Parsi moms. Every time the dhobi comes, she would go, ‘Tum idhar tehro. Main kapda nikaal ke aati hoon’ (You wai t here. I will remove the clothes and come).
Cyrus: (laughs)
Boman: You are laughing at my mom again. I’m offended. (mockingly)
Cyrus: Tell me about the classic romance. Your wife used to buy only 100gm of chips from your shop everyday.
Boman: Dumb me, I would not understand why she would buy 100gm everyday when she could buy in bulk. And then, it struck me that maybe…
Cyrus: Her version is that you were the one who gave her 100 gm everyday saying that you were not allowed to give more. But we’ll stick to yours.

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"The wings of the plane kissed the terra firma and I woke up to my nervousness of having reached a city,I have never been b4. I slowly made my way outta the airport and found my cabbie waiting for me with a banner in his hand screaming my company's name. I lodged myself in the comfort of the car and soon my cabbie shot,"Wherre to, Sirr?"

"T. Nagar, Sivaji Ganeshan Road"
The smile on the cabbie's face broadens and he pounces on me with a barrage of beamers. " Ganeshaan Sirr.. etc etc etc .... MGR.. me .. Acctorr..." I nodded as if I was as attentative as I was in my biology classes when reproductive system was being explained.
Soon, the cabbie was at his work-lights, Camera,Action-Flassh moves his hands, flassh he folds his sleeves. Flassh he turns it towards me and flassh he points to a tattoo which said MGR.
"..me MGR..Sarr"

lolz lolz lolz.. I rolled my eyes and wondered- the craziness has been underrated.
This is Chennai for yo, me and all.. and its reputation for craziness about movies and movie stars precedes it. Actors like MGR, Sivaji Ganeshan, Kamala Hasan and none otha than Sivaji the Boss have ruled the imagination and fascination of the masses for ever. This is also the city of Balu(Slim), Don and Geela.
The Rest of the day was spent sleeping in the hotel room. (Damn!! was I scared to venture out .. may be I was.) Finally, in the evening, I decided to go out to City centre (its THE Mall here), Shopped, checked out a few gals (it was hard to come by in the ocean of men), browsed through some books in Landmark,ate at KFC and came back.


While coming back to the hotel, I met Murrugan.. His sweet smile .. finished my day on a colorful note.


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ytf didnt u call me ? u crazy ?


and who is Geela ? Dont tell me it another one of the flatlickians from the Tennis room ?

At 8/09/2007 08:44:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

Ha ha ha I am still here .. i will leave today evening. I lost ur no.

Geela is my dormie and batchmate.

At 8/14/2007 12:54:00 PM, Anonymous Ish said...

How are you Jay bhaiya? It's been ages.

At 8/15/2007 01:03:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

I am Koolz Ish.. hope ur doin gr8 too


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He is having a jaw of iron, a will of steel, and a heart of gold. He is called Ricky Babloa. He is my neighbor. The legend says there used to be a Sylvester Stallone fictional character in some hollywood series. Ricky's dad was a die hard fan of the movie. He would throng the local theater every month to have a glimpse of his favorite character. "baba wo maar waala picture aaya kya? baba lo.. jaa maar dey!!" [friend are they showing that action packed movie.... oh my!! he shows such stunts..]
The awe which had gripped him was palpable to the life forms which surrounded him. No wonder when a son was born to his passive wife .. he decided to name him after his GOD.


this was as close as he cud get to Ricky Balboa. Now, Ricky Babloa is a grown up young man and his physique would put his nameshake to shame. He is a towering 5 feet and is heavier than thy (prolly 45kgs). Whenever, I am back home he comes to visit me. We share a lot of information amongst each other. Now a days he is busy imitating some Bangladeshi folksinger. He painted his face and performed exactly like it was done by the originally artist. Later, I found it in youtube too. The Dayal Baba phenomenon.In deep roots of India people get more joy out of a Dayal Baba from Bangladesh than a Younis Khan (the nobel peace prize winner), Taslima (lajja etc etc) or Monica Ali(a booker prize winner for Brick Lane).
When it was my turn to share something with him. I couldn't resist but to tell him everything he always wanted to know about sex, and also, to rekindle his dad's movie mania we sat together to watch Woody Allen's first blockbuster. Ricky Babloa almost died of a laugh riot when the 2nd story in the movie started. It went on like this :

attach An Old Armenian guy visits a doctor. Doctor asks, " what is your problem?"
"Doctor, I am in love with a sheep". "A what..!!" "A sheep".

Doc is in shock he is just unable to utter any word. After a while he musters all his energy and patiently says," umm I see".

The Armenian guy, "U see doctor, in the heights of those Armenian Mountains. No body is out there. At times it gets lonely and I am not married. That night I was feeling so low and there she was .. so beautiful .. so serene.. soothing me.."

The doc," the sheep!!" ...." Yes, The Sheep" and the Arenian Continued,"I cudn't resist myself doctor.. I made love to her and it was the best sex I ever Had".

The Doc,"ok. So what is the problem?"
"You see Doc.. now, she no longer loves me.. I Can feel it .. It hurts. She no longer wants me, after so many nights together... It breaks my heart.. You have to do something about it doctor. My brother says you are Great. You treated him. I know no one else. you have to do it." And he rushes to bring the sheep in the clinic. Doc kept yelling behind his back... "stop, don't do that.. I am not a veterinarian."

But the sheep is brought in and doctor checks it and falls in love with the sheep.
Later, the doc's wife divorces him for adultery.

As soon as this story was over Ricky Babloa got up and said that he gotta get back to his home. I said that he should wait coz the movie ain't over yet. Ricky Babloa said, "My dad is alone in home, I gotta go fast".

I said, "oh! Is he sick?" He said,"No!!!.. I have 12 sheeps".

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