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My Ricky Babloa as Dayal Baba

He is having a jaw of iron, a will of steel, and a heart of gold. He is called Ricky Babloa. He is my neighbor. The legend says there used to be a Sylvester Stallone fictional character in some hollywood series. Ricky's dad was a die hard fan of the movie. He would throng the local theater every month to have a glimpse of his favorite character. "baba wo maar waala picture aaya kya? baba lo.. jaa maar dey!!" [friend are they showing that action packed movie.... oh my!! he shows such stunts..]
The awe which had gripped him was palpable to the life forms which surrounded him. No wonder when a son was born to his passive wife .. he decided to name him after his GOD.


this was as close as he cud get to Ricky Balboa. Now, Ricky Babloa is a grown up young man and his physique would put his nameshake to shame. He is a towering 5 feet and is heavier than thy (prolly 45kgs). Whenever, I am back home he comes to visit me. We share a lot of information amongst each other. Now a days he is busy imitating some Bangladeshi folksinger. He painted his face and performed exactly like it was done by the originally artist. Later, I found it in youtube too. The Dayal Baba phenomenon.In deep roots of India people get more joy out of a Dayal Baba from Bangladesh than a Younis Khan (the nobel peace prize winner), Taslima (lajja etc etc) or Monica Ali(a booker prize winner for Brick Lane).
When it was my turn to share something with him. I couldn't resist but to tell him everything he always wanted to know about sex, and also, to rekindle his dad's movie mania we sat together to watch Woody Allen's first blockbuster. Ricky Babloa almost died of a laugh riot when the 2nd story in the movie started. It went on like this :

attach An Old Armenian guy visits a doctor. Doctor asks, " what is your problem?"
"Doctor, I am in love with a sheep". "A what..!!" "A sheep".

Doc is in shock he is just unable to utter any word. After a while he musters all his energy and patiently says," umm I see".

The Armenian guy, "U see doctor, in the heights of those Armenian Mountains. No body is out there. At times it gets lonely and I am not married. That night I was feeling so low and there she was .. so beautiful .. so serene.. soothing me.."

The doc," the sheep!!" ...." Yes, The Sheep" and the Arenian Continued,"I cudn't resist myself doctor.. I made love to her and it was the best sex I ever Had".

The Doc,"ok. So what is the problem?"
"You see Doc.. now, she no longer loves me.. I Can feel it .. It hurts. She no longer wants me, after so many nights together... It breaks my heart.. You have to do something about it doctor. My brother says you are Great. You treated him. I know no one else. you have to do it." And he rushes to bring the sheep in the clinic. Doc kept yelling behind his back... "stop, don't do that.. I am not a veterinarian."

But the sheep is brought in and doctor checks it and falls in love with the sheep.
Later, the doc's wife divorces him for adultery.

As soon as this story was over Ricky Babloa got up and said that he gotta get back to his home. I said that he should wait coz the movie ain't over yet. Ricky Babloa said, "My dad is alone in home, I gotta go fast".

I said, "oh! Is he sick?" He said,"No!!!.. I have 12 sheeps".

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Recent Posts

A few years back when a friend of mine had flippantly mentioned that the sole pupose of walking the world for such agonizingly long yrs is to produce and leave ur heir; I argued hard against it. Today however, I have been into circumstances that I have started more than believing in it. The whole world is crumbling around me.
80% of my B.Tech mates are married now. Some of them have children :O. Done and dusted..A month back we finished our post grad. and about 20% of the nerds took the plunge as soon as the agony of 2 yrs ended. Phoney, Cole, Anush, Daga.. and the list goes on. I came back and been resting at home.. but signs from the almighty doesnt blip for a second. For continuous two weeks all they would flash on TV is some Celeb Marriage. An Abhishek married an Aishwarya. An Arun Nayar married some Liz Hurley. People say this Liz. and Aish are beautiful women. I smile and shrugg my shoulders.
But, the occult wisdom of the mother earth doesn't stop revealing itself here. As I was back, I visited some of my school friends' families. All they talked about is Marriage-marriage-marriage. Being in the wrong side of 25 is an awesome torture for single males here in India. So, there is this aunt whom, I have been advising on her family matters since, I was in class 8th. her son studied with me for 8 yrs in school. Now, her son is working in an engineering corporation and people r bugging her to get his son married of.. All she did was to discuss the marriage proposals with me.. " THis person has got 3 daughters and 3 sons and he owns 6 small diagnostic centres. Do u thnk he would be able to give enough (read dowry)... afterall I need all the expenses covered up...".

Court. copulate and produce.

My mailbox has started receiving excessive spams of viagra and cialis ads. When it rains it really pains :((.
I am trying to shield myself away from all such alliance tendencies but as i finish this post real fast... someone has just handed a marriage invitation card to me.
(I wanted to add so many things but, in cafe, I can't concentrate and the end result is such a poor post... anyways.)

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So my (single) aunt told me the following a few years back:
When she was in her 30s, all her friends were getting married and having children, she felt a bit low.
At her 40s when her friends were going through divorces, she was like an eagle. She had her own life, she could travel when and wherever she wanted with no kids to consider first and everything to look forward to.

I didn't have it in my life plan to get married but then again, life can be a bitch sometimes ;)

You don't have to comply or follow other people’s timetable ... follow your own - it is your life after all.

At 5/01/2007 11:05:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

***notes every bit of advice****

At 5/19/2007 01:05:00 PM, Blogger Ish said...

My brother got married recently too, I guess he's around 28 or something but he did it on his own. Now that I'm thinking, it's weird no one had started bugging him.

It's real funny when your older brother gets married and all the aunties in the family are like,,"You're next, now it's your turn" and I'm like ," Fuck I'm just 17." But they never learn, do they?


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Ur sorroundings influence you. It does Indeed. My uncle has been a small time political activist (He was fighting the communists.. ). With our constant effort he finallyu distanced himself from all political affiliations.. All?. That's what we thought. But chor chori se jaaye sheena zori se na jaaye. (which means no matter where and how u put Richard Gere, he will create a kissing story out of it ;).. why the fuk did they vote him the sexiest man.. If they did .. tell him since then, a lot of water has flown down the bridge and .. people like Brad pitt and George Clooney have come and gone).. Back to the subject. So this uncle of mine is taking a bed rest for three months coz an accident. Now all his aquaintances come to the house and discuss, politics and business (rn't they synonymous :-?). 24x7.
So it has rubbed on to me, I've gotten into politics and I picked up this news about Wolfowitz. Sounds NAZI.. Nah re. Infact, he is a Jew. President of World Bank. Served in the defence deptt. All the sleazy CV points.
So, this guy is on the news coz of the nepotism he has indulged in. Now, there is an Indian connection to it. Bush made him the president of World Bank to clease corruption. All the presidents of the World Bank have to be Americans .. So, much for the proponents of democracy (rolls his eyes).
So, a man on a mission sends a troupe of lawyers to India to check the corruption in the Health Sector fundings. They summon our Finance Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram and wanted to interrogate him .. phewww. The FinMin refused to talk to anyone except their leader ( I guess it was Shaha Riza herself (correct me, if I m wrong). Pissed off. They all went back and recommonded the blockade of all funds to India's Health Mission. And it got Blocked. Some people still treat the third world as their colonies.
Now, its time for Mr. Wolf to answer. He has been charged with showing extra favors to Shaha Riza and had granted her extra powers. Hi hi hi ... ho ho ho... Maza Aaaya


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At 4/22/2007 08:56:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a great publication on the subject fighting the communists Add your blog site to the bizleadsnet collection.


yeah, jj, u spelt Riza right. and very enlightening, the behind-the-scene build-up to the Wolfowitz scandal. r these issues, the fractious India visit and the probe on the WB Pres., connected, or is that stretching it a teeny bit...?

btw, as long as you thought out ur future prospects thoroughly, you needn't bother with the peer pressure to start out as self-supporting entrpreneurs. It's all risk, whatever you do; the key ingredient that'll determine whether you succeed or get sucked under is...you


...methinks a decision's been made about the Wolf-Riza issue, anyway, except a media lull is being contrived to wane public attention before the axe falls. Whether it's Wolfowitz, Riza, or the Benedict Arnold who blew the whistle, heads will roll, count on it...

At 4/23/2007 03:03:00 PM, Anonymous Jay said...

I knew writing about politics wd tickle whose bones.. and Trigger it is.. :P.

No the trial for Wolf is noty connected to the behind the scene issue in India.. but was just highlighting the fact.. how one whio is to cleanse corruption is being triad for corruption .. :P

and thanx for the kind words about entrepreneurship issue... but Trigger gimme somethng new :)


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Once upon a time there was a king. He ruled an empire which was fast losing its shine and energy. It seemed to be falling down in the dumps. The king would spend time playing chess with a machine, a new technology which was brought to him from an alien land. The machine was referred to by the messenger from far west as the computer. The frustration of not being able to beat the silly machine never got on to the king and he played chess endlessly.

His queen, the mighty woman who stayed with him in his thick and thin would go by the day’s rituals patiently. She would cook, wash and express her dissatisfaction over the shitty work the housekeeper does. Often, to break the monotone she would complain to the King to move to the nearby summer capital Ranchi (also a hill station). The king would brush aside all such expectations. The king was too happy to live in the heat and mistreat, that his castle would bring to him. He in fact wanted to add one more floor to the magnanimity, he called his castle.Why not? He so dearly himself designed the castle.

Designing was one of his old passions. When his fellow princes would go to hunting he would sketch towers on his drawing board. Only now (he is not a public servant anymore) that designing doesn’t earn him any revenue, else he owes his complete pension fund to an engineers' work. Even today people come and ask to design their houses, but they no more pay him and take it for granted, considering it a genuine help the King is willing to offer selflessly. The cost of such a service has surpassed the goodwill it generates. The new machine that his prince had once introduced to him is a wily old creature in designing too, however; the king hates such mechanical interference in his work.

More often than not he finds himself indulging in “remote fights” with his queen.(Its both fighting for the remote control of television and fighting from a distance). Ask him to look 6 yrs back, and he would laugh; ‘cause then he used to tease his lovely queen about the crappy soaps she used to watch. Now, he himself has fallen prey to the web that these family dramas spin. Slaves inform us that they often get bored watching each other and arguments or little fights are just a pass time.

Recently, the queen has seen a buzz in her feet. The King has renovated his castle and pruned all the bushes in his garden, that he created by himself. They say their son is returning home triumphantly from the battlefield. The king took his old chariot, an old and legendary white ambassador, to the station to pick him up. After a bit of tom toming, the charioteer brought everyone home safely.

The prince, excited at the plans he had for his mother was brimming with happiness. He opened the gates and rushed towards his mom. He touched his mom's feet and hugged her. Sigh. Its been two years.

The prince picked her up in his arms and started dancing. The words of Led Zepp’s whole lotta love started ringing in his head. Before he could sing baby you need cooling.., the queen’s eyes lit up in excitement. She saw the companions of the prince in the chariot. There was this little niece of the prince who had come along with him. The queen rushed towards the kid and picked him in her arms. Then she yelled “Say hello grandma”.

The prince thinks … oh! There goes my share of love. Then he turns back and looks at the kid and smiles.

The prince is played by your own Jay. The King is his dear dad and the almighty queen is his mom.

Though the prince couldn’t sing the Led Zepp number; he soon would and he would don a 70s show attire and would belt the guitar and would record it and sing...

You need cooling.
Baby I am not fooling
I am gonna send ya back to schooling
Way way inside, honey you need
I am gonna give u my love
I am gonna give u my love

Whole lotta love
Whole lotta love

(Imagine, you singing this to a middle aged Indian housewife who doesn't even know there is world of rock that exists in the same planet..)

Foot note: By the time Jay posted this on his blog.....King's affection for his son was on a wane...and was back to doing his disciplinarian act like scolding for sleeping till 10 in the morning, not taking a bath till 1 pm ..taking his lunch very late and yeah! not shutting his Laptop.

But, you know Jay ..right?.. Like father like son ... Old Habits die hard.mrgreen

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5 Ants in my pants:

You write the most unusual post, if I tried to do something similar it would just be so lame ... you, you do it fine.

Once you bother to read my blog, I have got you something ...

At 4/21/2007 08:32:00 PM, Blogger Slim said...

It's incomplete without the jester. Who's the jester?

At 4/21/2007 08:37:00 PM, Anonymous Jay said...

Jester bole to :P.

Slimo .. i tried to post a comment thrice on ya page .. all unsexessful.. my penis went limp :(.

Lizze.. what ya mean .. the style suits me.. (suspects sarcasm). but thanku for the t shirt paape.


The possible sarcasm bit was you reading my blog. I got scared that I might loose your interest so I am trying with a bribe. I emailed you but it bounced back ...

I am sincere about you are writing the unusual post and I could never pull that off the excellent way that you do.

At 4/22/2007 07:32:00 PM, Anonymous Jay said...

Oh Lizze.. Sweet .. I am not losing interest in ur ur posts at all .. Just that i am not finding enopugh time to surf... u know spending some time with family :)


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Crap on the water: This post was supposed to be titled "O Jay, Where art thou ? - part II". I realized (not so soon) that before I posted "O Jay, where art thou - part I" (last post), one of the notorious bloggers in the blogspace called Lizze had already posted with a similar title "O Michael, Where art thou". You may argue that replacing Michael with Jay makes it more spicy (puts a face biting its tongue) but it will also make me charter in troubled waters. This woman (supposedly) is becoming an American from a Londoner(prolly) and thus, the chance of her suing me for copyright violation has increased. I may do a Kaavya Vishwanathan and argue that I prolly derived the name subconsciously from a movie which goes by the name "O Brother, where art thou"; but trust me, it doesn't help. They all believe what they wanna believe (puts a sad face).

(please, increase the volume)

Smoke on the water: This wasn't supposed to be the arbitrary display that u just read in the prologue.(Lizze may just kill me for all that). It was supposed to be classical, non funny and tasteless essay.
The March heat was on. While all the students had gone back home or were holidaying, there were two guys, Lota ji and Nirmal babu still entrapped within the red walls of the college making charts, cracking data and calling important people to make the ends meet. These no non-sense guys were agribusiness management students and had declined big bucks for entrepreneurship. They were working on several projects simultaneously. This all had started when The Chief Minister of Bihar (a state), Mr. Nitish Kumar visited the campus last year. Several students presented projects to uplift the state and were willing to work there. The Minister gave a go ahead. They made a support group comprising the students. Each student would pursue his own project while the support group would provide consultancy and take a hit if one of the students fails in his venture. The ideas ranged from Rural Radio, Retail chain, Insurance plan for Rickshaw pullers, Extracting Ethanol from corn to various consultancy projects for the government. A lot of them are already on its way. Some of the national news channels splashed a one hour documentary on it. The word spread. Venture capitalists, Consultants and supporters from various parts of the country, USA and Europe started calling these people. Now, Nirmal babu says proudly "we won't need Bank Loans. Money is not a constraint. Not for me, not for you and not for any frog who wants to jump out of the well".
Energy rubs on me and I kept wondering, for the past two years where was I and what was I doing "O Jay, Where art thou".
Down South Goa. under a full moon and a clean sky, Jay was sipping wine on the beach along with his friends Medha, Danko, KG, Tiru and Jhade Singh. Jay was singing raunchy Bhojpuri songs one after the other and people were egging him on.
Medha: "abe! gaana aur suna na" (sing me a song) Jhade Sigh: " Do u remember e guddi".
Jay: " O yea, E Guddi.. arre ye Guddi!! aaa Khele chorwa sipaiyya"
"Banhiya mein dhar ke raja....(censored.)"

Jhade Singh was dancing and singing alongwith me. Jhade Singh completed his graduation last year and he himself had declined a good job offer to open "chain of spa and wellness centre" with Hukka. Last year, there were about 6 people who had decided to go on their own, this year there are 11. This year, there are several portals made by some of the students which have become huge hits. Among them "CRICSTOCK" (mixture of Cricket and stocks trading) and "10 a day" (a portal for CAT preparation)". Rights of publishing some material on cricstock was sold within months to a national news channel (NDTV.com). The deal ranged in Lakhs. Does it sound like the youtube story? My own baddie partner Paro had a plan in place for "becoming a supplier of a women's inner wear brand" (wipe off that smile), which will cater to somewhere between the high end and low end customer. Her pic was splashed in the cover page of national magazine. Imagine what kind of peer pressure it exerts on other people. Another friend dearly called Hilao, declined a Lehman Brother's offer because he wanted to indulge in real estate.
All these things don't demoralize me but make me proud. After all when a college is branded Harvard of India or the Best B-school in Asia-Pac, it has to shoulder responsibilities and produce entrepreneurs. So what, if people like Jay chose easy way out by working for some one else .

Well wait... Jay has a plan in place too . U may just hear what he is planing to do soon. So, wait and meanwhile stop wondering, y does the post has a title smoke on the water. Its cryptic.. he he he.

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At 4/05/2007 12:55:00 AM, Anonymous khushboo said...

tilte: cryptic.
intro: no comments
body: even more cryptic
conclusion: aah.

by the way..whts da link b/w Goa, bhojpuri songs and ...campus placements & enterpreneurship?

At 4/05/2007 06:09:00 PM, Anonymous Ish said...

Alright,we heard about the ambitious plans of the others.Looks like a number of Shahrukh Khan's of Swades in the making.I think people like these will someday make this country a good live-able place.

What company are you joining? My brother passed out from LIBA this year and he's joining Citibank in Hyderabad.


My ego - bigger then I thought - took it as that you looked to me for divine blog inspiration. I would never have thought that you could make it up all by yourself. And it also means that you are not reading my blog before you write your posts *hmpf*
And then you are adding on with your insult that I am becoming an American!! Suing has never been so tempting as now.

At 4/09/2007 11:04:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

Khushboo.. bingo... There is absolutely no relation. The post is a typical Bollywood legacy.

Yeah .. ISh.. Swades revisted, but not all of them are in it for self less goals. U had a bro?

Lizze...i read ur posts.. umm// actually i need some masala to cook and doesnt necessarily have a grounding in Facts... But anyways all to be americans .. keep denying it (sprays some salt and smiles at lizze)


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"..been drinkin, sinkin and thinkin in Goa..got tanned like coal.. biked.......beer red wine white wine sea food sleeping on the rubber floater tattoo masti cards.. sand ....ab rehne de jay!!!"

This post was long due. The Goa trip had gobbled me into such laziness that I wd sit back like a sloth whole day in my room doin nothing but watching Prison Break and Rome.

Goa was an awesome trip. Danko and me left from Ahmedabad, Pankhi and Jhade Singh joined us in the trip...while, KayG and Tiru had already booked cottages for us in Palolem Beach. Palolem is among the top 10 beaches in the world. It features in the movie bourne supremacy. Palolem is 80 km down south from the other popular beaches near Panjim and hence the domestic crowd rarely indulges in the adventure. Thus, it remains one of the less crowded beaches and plenty of foreign tourist spend months in there. The Beach is really cool coz u walk two steps into the sea and u will have enough water to swim and there aren't forcefull currents that will take you away.

We hired bikes from Panjim city for 5 days. And hell!!!! I had been missing biking. I do love Pulsar DTS I. Its been two years since I quit my job, when I had biked to my satisfaction. Pulsar is the only bike that matches faintly the joyride of Yamaha RX 100.. By the time we hired it .. it was already evening .. and I had no idea that the road to Palolem is through the hills. The next 5 hrs was spent worrying about the twists and turns and dark jungles .. the journey threw upon me (occasionally), the cool breeze and a speed of 100 km/hr .. did give me some relief....

Unlike my other posts, this one sounds like a mundane travelogue. But, I can't muster enough energy to write the way I do.................. So, I will simply put some pics out here from the Goa trip and this anecdote :

The departure flight for Ahmedabad was to leave within an hour. I was waiting in the cab while Jhade had gone to pick other frnds and luggage. Suddenly the driver turns back and asks "So, did u enjoy Goa trip".. I said I did. He continued "been to Arambol beach. akkha nude beach saab. Udhar kya hai na.. usko dekho koi fikar naye... but dont stare for too long.. Side se dekhne ka ..and move on.. total firungs.(white ppl).. "

me: "Nah, didnt go there. Been to Palolem .. its similar and lotsa Israelis. And also to Agonda thats more secluded than others. udhar kya hai na RAVE PARTY bhi attend kiya, Every firung was dressed in white gown. Mast.. booze, grass and blah.."

My eye brows wd go up and down in coherence with the spicy details wherever it was required. The interest of the cab driver was providing me enough incentive to go on.

Cabbie: " umm Goa is like that. Poora Masti karne ka. Idhar Firung ko lagaya kya?" his voice dipped suddenly and he watched my facial expressions very keenly as if there hinges the mystery of all wisdom.

Me: " Nopes. nahin Lagaya" pause. "Arre tumne to lagaya hi hoga itne saal se reh rahe ho" (arre u must have screwed some white chicks, u have been living here for so long.

Cabbie: "haan Boss. Once.."
By that time pankhi, danko and Jhade had returned with all the luggage.

The cabbie opened the doors to help them but for a second he turned his head, smiled at me and sneaked in a few words: "Firung ko lagane ka alag maza hai. Agli baar aao aap." ( its a different experience experience with white females, u come next time ..;)

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7 Ants in my pants:

At 3/30/2007 04:40:00 AM, Blogger Ish said...

LOL that was some cabbie :))


so I don't understand what the cabbie said ... but your hols sounds fab. Like the pics

At 3/31/2007 03:17:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

yo.. It was fabulous. The cabbie was talking about all the nasty thngs that one can do in Goa like to screw the foriegn chicks... and how much he liked it. He promised me to take to nastier places next time I visit.

At 4/02/2007 08:15:00 PM, Blogger Slim said...

Hehe, sounds like an awesome holiday. And do you expect me to believe you didn't go to the nude beach? :P

At 4/03/2007 02:08:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

It was awesome slimo...

yup don't believe it bro ;) (do give a thgt to the fact that what kinda beach an Indian ends up calling NUDE BEACH :-j)


hey the pic, the guy with sunglasses and cig, is that you ?

At 4/14/2007 01:05:00 AM, Anonymous Jay said...

lol Luna.. almost.. but not quite there :P.


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attach(Disclaimer: characters and incidents in the following act is purely incidental. Any resemblance to the movie 300 is purely incidental).

These were the few brave men who had defied destiny. They fought against slavery. They fought like there was no tomorrow.They were led by their will to enjoy the fate, they had come here to embrace.

They looked at the sun which was being gobbled by darkness. The breeze was from the west .... prolly originated in the angst of Persia. Even the sea was hitting the shores with passion and vigour. Apocalypse now. However, only thing etched in the minds of these few men up against all odds, was FREEDOM.

The King, looked at the murky sky and remembered the red walls, which had imprisoned him and almost decapitated him for two years. Then, he turned to face the fellow soldiers, who had vowed to die with him and cried with LORD'S own stereo:

"SPARTANS !!!!!! tonite.........we die in our undies"

Soon..... the warriors JAY, HAT, FUGGA, CANTO, MAXI, BOCHO, FOOZIE and Junglee NATO threw their naked bodies, wrapped only in underwears; to the sea and swam and dived and somersaulted and played and laughed and sun burnt themselves till FUGGA said, "mujhe bhookh lagi hai" (I am hungry).

We were holidaying in DIU. DIU is a small island and used to be a Portuguese colony. It has got beaches, the Portuguese church, some good Italian restaurants, sea food, booze and peace. There are too many stories from the trip. I wish I could dish them all here. People rush to this place mostly because there is a ban on liquor in my state and nearby Diu is a good excuse to let the juices flow. I was surprised to get discounts in the resort we lived in for two days. I was amused by the fact that the Identity card of my college was doing wonders 100s of kilometers away. I was with a bunch of friends who had let the peer pressure and finance jobs bypass them and accepted marketing jobs (which was only 8% of the final job scene this year in my college).

I would put anecdotes from the trip sometime later. Right now I am bugged by my itinerary. I have finally booked tickets for GOA (the poor man's CANNES). Tiru and KayGX would join, me and Danko there in GOA after attending the IRON MAIDEN CONCERT. (oh man! y did I miss it.) Maxi is joining NOKIA which has sponsored the IRON MAIDEN CONCERT and is also Sponsoring SHAKIRA's SHOW in Mumbai. Our own Tadka is looking after the two concerts as a representative of NOKIA. Tickets/ Passes wd have been available so easily :(((((. Anyways, as of now ... following schematic diagram is supposed to represent "how jay, broke sackles, toured, laid eggs, punished cockroaches and got a life" for next 20 days.

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5 Ants in my pants:

At 3/20/2007 01:02:00 AM, Anonymous Celia said...

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At 3/20/2007 10:13:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

Oye Celia ki bachchee ... o teri .. be!@#$di f@#$%.

may ur celia and all ur flagella rot in a lot of mucous.


Y'know Celia's so lucky? Just a tweak of her name-from 'Celia' to 'Cilia'- and she could've caught the curse :-)

...but she aint lyin', man, love that intro...though with your being a fatalist and all, the odds are if you swim the beaches of Goa, "the package of the 300 might experience some shrinkage," is all I'm saying...

At 3/25/2007 01:48:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

trigger bete ,, I know the difference of Celia and Cilia... but her name was celia and not cilia.. and it was just a connotation and flagella was added to support the diversion of meaning.......grrrrrrrrrr.

and GOA was gr8 .. explored a lot of lonely beaches.


...the lure of lonely beaches/the tease of tasty peaches/make heartbeats soar/at the mention of "Goa...!"

Dude, I'm wishin' some wily shark stole ur shoes and swam the Seven Seas to ME (he he!). You've got me thinkin' on takin' a trip myself. Enjoy, bro, and keep those updates comin'...


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There are numerous videoz made every year. This one is one of the videoz, which captures and arouses my sentiments for leaving one of the best places on earth after 2 years. The video has been made by Proxy, who is now joining a Swiss Bank and its all about the Dormies. All the Dawgs captured in the video. ...................................................................I need a shoulder to cry now!!!!

There is this video from one of "the wannabe rival college of ours". The video is sweet and for our batch, thus, it reciprocates our feelings. It is extremely nostalgic :( and the composition is their own.

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2 Ants in my pants:

At 3/19/2007 12:20:00 AM, Blogger Ish said...

Ah last days at college? I know that must be sad time.Even though you studied late nights and all but you can't really forget the friends.

At 3/19/2007 03:11:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

forgetting friendssss "neva" "neva" "neva"..

specially coz i know how it is to be in the corporate world and away from school or college life :(((((((((


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I just finished watching this new Indian movie named "honeymoon travels ltd.". The story was weird and at times hilarious. Among all the couples shown in the movie, there was this Bong (Bengali.. ppl belonging to West Bengal in India) couple. The young bride was like a lake, holding millions of boiling desires inside with a calm presence on top. One day, she insists her husband to walk to their home at nite, instead of taking a bus. The Hubby, a typical Bengali guy,was hesitant initially but gives in to constant bugging from her better-beautiful half. And just to prove the Murphy's Law (If something can go wrong, it will), some goons surround them in a lonely road and ask to submit all the belongings. Even the chain, the woman was holding to so dearly. Even the chain!!! Even the chain!!

"Back off!!!" She shouted,"I am not giving you this. It was gifted by my parents."

"Guahahahaha" (please, imagine the echo and monstrous laugh)..."give us the chain .. u filthy.. wh@#$"

The afraid and astonished husband pleads,"Sona diye dao.. chainta diye dao" (Darling, please give them the chain)
"I am warning you, don't try to touch it." announced the woman in her increasingly war rhetoric.

With knife in the right hand, the grease painted face with a mole, grinned and lunched forward towards her.

Suddenly without warning, the catwoman of that coy Bong gal jumps in air and slams her knee on the chest of the goon. A few more of those martial art kicks and the battle was over.

The hubby looked at her with his mouth wide open and so did I. She comes to him puts her head on his shoulder and says,"Remember, momma used to send me to learn RabindraSangeet in the red building. They used to teach martial arts in the floor below. I never liked Singing."

Yup. That is the story of a rebel Bengali. Every Bengali is supposed to be surrounded in the myth of Rabindrasangeet. They are defined by their coy and disciplined behaviour. Woman with Big Red Dot on head and a stick in the hand to spank their hubby. Man, with a restricted behavior and high intellect but bound by the limits drawn by his wife and his five Gods

1. Rabindranath Tagore
2. Durga
3. Subhash Chandra Bose
4. Satyajit Ray
5. Saurav Ganguli.

U utter a word against them and they will take out ur tongue and stuff it up ur arse. I have my own Bong connections. I was reminded of it a few days back during the Holi family get-together. One grandma comes to me and says, "Beta, did u read Tagore. Rabindrasangeet is the ultimate treasure of wisdom and wealth. Have u read Gitanjali?? U didn't !!! U should see the way he defines "LOve". There is no human emotion, which isn't delineated in there. Read it and follow it. U will have success and will get a good job and u will prosper."

I nodded once. twice. thrice. and so on. Then, I looked at grandma, i looked at the roof for once and then I kept my head down. I couldn't find any Bong words to reciprocate to her. My next job would probably take me to a stint in the land of Bongs "Calcutta" ..(Blasphemy.. its Kolkata).

There are a few good things about Bengali though They have supposed to be the Hottest and most beautiful Indian women. They have Rasagolla, which is a good Bengali sweet. They can have me, if they promise to be nice and welcoming.

Lastly, a few words for the girl, who probably reads my blog a lot. Please!!!!!!!!!!!11 stop asking me: "how do u say I love u or I love someone else in Bengali "

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10 Ants in my pants:

At 3/15/2007 01:48:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jay
if i knew it in adv u gonna publish dat here..i wont hv asked...
n ammi tumake bhalo bhasi :PPPPP


so...Jay is joinin @ city of Joy...COOL ;)

At 3/17/2007 08:13:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

Not Joining @ City of Joy .. he he ;)

At 3/17/2007 11:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

babu kemon achihis

At 3/18/2007 02:25:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

didn't i ask to stop throwing Bengali on meeeeeeee....... ***rolls his eyes**

At 3/18/2007 11:34:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

okies swty...but only wen u temme THE reaction...grrrr
[but nt here]

At 3/19/2007 03:22:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

following was the reaction :

get some sulfur and paraffin in a test tube and heat it gently .. a gas called hydrogen sulfide(H2S), wd be produced which has to be passed through ammonia solution.

Treat the saturated solution as a poisnous reagent.

H2S stinks a lot.

Hope the answer and resultant is very useful for u :)

At 3/22/2007 05:39:00 AM, Anonymous Celia said...

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At 3/22/2007 11:07:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea...got d ans
thnx n bye

At 7/13/2011 07:28:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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In last few days, I have chalked out 200 plans for the coming holidays and erased them. Hence, the frustration of not being able to come out with anything is growing inside me. It is pinching me and the bitterness is flowering.

Iron Maiden concert in Bangalore this month seems already a distant future. Precariously hanging, is also my Goa plan. G-Spot is dancing in the corner of my mind with his offer to go to Vaisno Devi. It is easier to fight US elections, than fix a plan for me. STD accuses me of the laziest and slowest guy to have roamed this earth.. Holy crap!!!! wd u believe it .. he he he.

I am lazy and slow. But O.J. Simpson beats me blue at that. Didn't you hear his latest claim. He says:

"Anna Nicole Smith's child is actually his. The gal child was born late because of his slow moving sperms. He hopes that there is no DNA test, otherwise it would be found that he is the father. He is among the three other men who have thrown their hats in the ring and claim the child is their."

Weird as it may sound, It would certainly do Anna proud if she is looking from the up-above. This is just the second weird findings of the week. The banana split guy, who lives close by introduced me to his cousin. Conversations took us around the world. From Charlie Sheen's hairdo in Hot Shots to Theory of olives from "How I met your mother".

She listens to Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem. She says she is a big fan of their music. I said, "gulp!! gulp!! ok". It would have been easier to swallow had she just said she likes Red Hot Chilli Peppers, as the band is known now-a-days.
When she asked me what I listen to, I said, "cacophony of the weirdest lizard on earth which surely isn't miraculously majestic master of mayhem's fluidity." ..ok.. whatever it meant... bleh..

She said are u applying Theory of olives. Aha!! something I had an idea about. Theory of olives states that if you like olives and the counterpart doesn't there is an attraction.So , if some one likes red hot chilli peppers i wouldn't.
I said, "may be, if it impresses you ... however,I hardly have an idea what I am doing, except for attempting a sarcastic take on ur taste in music.. And in which I have failed measurably."

She shrugged her shoulders. I shrugged her mine.

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This is an over hyped conspiracy theory and the clip is very sleek.

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hmmhmmmhmm ?

At 3/10/2007 10:43:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

Luna that means .. Google has collected loads of personal data in its database................ Like what does luna do?.. how many cats luna have?.. when was luna's 1st kiss?.. what is luna's social security number etc etc.. and hence they have taken away ur privacy.. They can use all their network to spy on u .. to control u and thus the whole human kind.

That is google's master plan. Isnt it scary :|.


No new info in this clip for me. There is old pic, from a white board, about google' masterplan

We are ginin' them the info for free .... says a lot about us really ... more then Google.

At 3/11/2007 03:41:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

yeah yeah Lizze .. my know it all ***rolls eyes**.. the clip was not for info but for .. the sleek vid clip made :).

isnt there a chance tht yahoo wd be doing this for long long time.. y accusing only Google :-?


the clip is a good one, I agree and I should have written that.

yahoo is in the shit at the moment and there are lots of rumours it is gonna get bought up. they have, so I have heard, the traffic but are not good enough to make money out of it.

msn are probably worse the google?

At 3/13/2007 03:35:00 PM, Blogger JAY said...

Oh msn, is true shit... and in the wrong hands .. ppl, u can accuse of anything.

They have had hotmail.. may have loads of data.

At 3/14/2007 12:12:00 AM, Blogger Slim said...

Bastards! Now I've got to go somewhere else to cyber. Maybe I'll switch to Yahoo again :-<

At 3/14/2007 01:39:00 AM, Blogger JAY said...

Slim.. dont go to yahoo it sucks..

Cyber :-w

At 5/16/2013 09:52:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 6/05/2013 11:49:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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websіte. Κеeρ it up!

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